All children find their daily way to an outside play....either in the garden, the playground or in nature...our oldest group is going twice a week to one of berlins forests from 9-3pm. The seasons are guiding us and good clothing helps us to stay warm and comfortable.

Thoughts on Childhood and Our Core Values at the Preschool

Childhood should be a playful , happy and active experience for children to explore their world with all their senses. Exploration should be facilitated in such a way to promote early development of a sense of responsibility, and afford the children freedom and space to make independent choices. We see the positive development of each child´s  self-confidence as a main focus of our practical guidance and implementation of our preschool curriculum, and we do our utmost to support the children to this end as we believe that self-confidence is the foundation for a happy life. Children are innately curious about their surroundings and this curiosity plays a key role in their early learning. Our goal is to guide the children in daily learning activities to explore, discover and experiment with their surroundings.

A child´s world is brimming with opportunities for inquisitive early learners to discover their surroundings in many creative ways. For this reason it is important to create a balance among all the many sensory experiences available to the children, and utilize the forests and parks within the city to our advantage. A kindergarten is a garden of the senses that has much to offer to excite and engage children. It is important to us to ensure a steady and constant balance between quiet and resting times and active moving times. In this way the children have opportunity to experience both loud and quiet periods of the day. The balance we create avoids overwhelming the children, as it allows for various stimuli at different times.

 A structured daily schedule, divided into Free Play, Morning Circle, Group Time, Outdoor Tim(Park/Forest), happy meals and Activity Time, give the children the direction and security they need in everyday preschool life. The value of sharing, cooperating on group projects and mutual respect for one another are fundamental elements of our daily interactions. Multicultural values and rituals will be introcuded through our international families and shared among the kids.

The preschool teachers are highly conscious of their responsibility in their roles as chaperones and trusted companions of the children. Through observations in order to assess the current needs and interests of each individual child are an important daily task for each teacher. Teachers support the children´s social development by assisting them in making choices and solving conflicts with their peers.

It is our goal that each child is comfortable and able to share with us their ideas, opinions, and creations.

Here you may read more about our curriculum and daily schedule and find our integrated Schutzkonzept in german.


Kita closing times 2018

Dezember 22.12- 1.1. 2018


7.01.2019 - Kita für kids zu (Teamtag für alle Mitarbeiterinnen)

15-22.4 Ostern

31.05 Brückentag

22.7 -4.8 = Sommerferien
7.10 -13.10 = Herbstferien
23.12 - 31.12. = Weihnachten